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The Fool and the Call

Today’s post isn’t strictly Spotlight Dream Reading, because the images come from a tarot reading I did recently–the first one in months.  The reading provoked

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The Importance of Story

Humans have a long history of defining themselves as different from other animals, as tool-users, as language-users, as God’s chosen. I can’t speak to the

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Dream Symbols

Packing to go Home

Over the last couple of years I’ve had a recurring theme in my dreams. I’m at a hotel/cabin/conference and am packing to go home. The

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Broken Rituals

In the last year, I’ve encountered half a dozen or more dreams reported by women that all revolve around the same theme. In the dreams,

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Elephant as a metaphor

Probably the first association with elephants that comes to many people’s minds is the phrase “An elephant never forgets.” The long memory of elephants shows

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