Today’s post isn’t strictly Spotlight Dream Reading, because the images come from a tarot reading I did recently–the first one in months.  The reading provoked a number of ahas, especially with The Fool in the position for the present in the reading, and Judgment in the outcome position. I used The Gilded Tarot, which is one of my favorite decks with lush and richly-colored illustrations.

The Fool card from the Gilded TarotFirst the Fool. New, intriguing work possibilities have been creeping up on me, and the more I teach the more I’m encouraged to teach. For several months, I’ve had a deep sense of things being ready to shift, and life taking off in a new direction. And up pops the Fool in this reading. The Fool is the start of the Tarot, the Zero card, the beginning of the journey. It’s beginner’s mind, as well, which synchronistically just showed up in the video that Cheryl posted over at Wild Writers on Monday. The sense of awakening awareness, of innocent trust in the process; the Fool embodies all of it. When I turned over the Fool card, it felt like affirmation of everything my intuition’s been telling me.

Judgment card from the Gilded TarotAnd a couple of weeks ago I created a new collage for my daily meditation (it hangs by my bed). The only words in it are “the call.” I feel the call to write and teach and teach  through writing pretty intensely, especially recently as people have been asking when I’ll do more dream groups, or writing circles. The final card in the tarot reading I did was Judgment. The goddess who sounds the horn symbolizes the soul’s call, its sacred contract, that which is denied at one’s peril. There she was, as clear as the words on the collage. Affirmation that I’m lucky to be able to hear my call so clearly, and to find my way into it fully supported by my life. She also evoked in me the recognition that answering the call takes tenacity, awareness, and showing up, but none of those required elements is always easy. Challenges are inherent in the process.

And so, like the Fool, I take the next step, always trying to get closer to answering the call that has drawn me onward this far.  I’m grateful to have so many companions on the journey—the friends who have come into my life because we’re all following our paths, trying to create, to dream, to increase conscious awareness.

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7 thoughts on “The Fool and the Call”

  1. I actually got very excited reading this post, thinking of you teaching writing again and imagining myself there writing with you. Yeehaw!!

  2. Thanks for the link to that video! I’ll have to listen to it some time when I can actually follow along, and am not grading papers.

    That Tarot set is one of my favorites; I got a copy last spring (I think). You’re so good at seeing so much in the images, but then it’s so much like dreamwork.

    1. Yeah, I got quite a way into the video over a few sessions, but the rest will have to wait until life settles down. I am practicing it, though. I think it’s helping.

  3. More about the video: I love his metaphors: the orchestra tuning up before playing music, the stillness beneath the waves of the ocean.

  4. And more about the video: Because I wanted so much to have an mp3 of the video to listen to when I’m away from the computer, I googled around until I found so I could make that copy.

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