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Seeds in Dreams

I recently heard a dream in which the last image was a decorative pin the dreamer had made with seed beads sewn onto leather. Because

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Years ago my husband and I converted our front lawn into raised flower beds and planted flowers that wouldn’t require as much water in our

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Hands (a prose poem)

By Gordon Adams Each finger was different.  None would be called “beautiful.”  Not quite claws, but sometimes close.  The joints were swollen with arthritis, bulging

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Black and White cat


By J.R.R. Tokien The fat cat on the mat may seem to dream of nice mice that suffice for him, or cream; but he free,

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Cats in Dreams

This last weekend, at Dream Camp, we heard several dreams. In one of them a black panther appeared. Being black, the panther could represent night

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By Laura K. Deal I walk with heavy stride, carrying earthquakes In every step, my current incarnation Formed with grandiose attempts to harmonize humanity. Before

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