These stories introduce you to ordinary people, seen through the lens of a compassionate heart. FCM works to bring compassion into the world primarily through dream reading and the language of metaphor as found in story and poetry alike. Tim’s essays charmed the publisher; dive in and let him charm you too.

A-Day-Like-Any-Other-cover By Author Tim Shea

What do these people have in common?

A little girl singing the alphabet in a Laundromat

A man who played in the minors with Jackie Robinson

An Iraq War veteran recovering from wounds and addiction

You’ll find them all in A Day Like Any Other. The fifty tales in this collection will lead you down America’s by-ways and into her cities, where Tim Shea finds inspiration, humor, and beauty in everyday experiences.

Whether he’s telling stories about his kids, his parents, or total strangers, Tim offers snapshots of life in the U.S.A. and a look at the world through the lens of his generous heart. Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and let Tim tell you some All American Tales.

About the Author: Tim Shea

With Irish roots and childhood in Northern Colorado, Tim’s an All American kind of guy. His work ethic and curiosity about the world lead him into fascinating and heartfelt encounters with people from all walks of life. Tim apprenticed in the fine art of storytelling with his father, his uncle Don, and his own practice of truly listening when people talk. He lives in Boston with his sons.


“This book is written as a word artist’s sketch pad. The author observes life situations–beautiful, sad, unique, memorable, inspiring, or just interesting–and paints word pictures of them. They are short stories but not what I’d call short stories. Again, work picture vignettes, is what comes to mind. It interested me because I am interested in people. I liked the book a lot. The chapters are generally short and the book is very real and very readable. I recommend it highly to those so interested.”
– Dallas Girl (on Amazon)