Meet Your Dream Work Facilitator

Laura Deal

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Dreams bring healing and compassion into dreamers’ lives. Whether you’re flying, running for your life, or just dreaming about that kid you hardly knew in high school, your dreams are trying to tell you something!

I’m the founder of First Church of Metaphor, a certified Dream Work Facilitator through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, and I will help you understand the deeper meanings of your dreams. I engage in the pioneering work of Jeremy Taylor, who seeded many dream groups and nourished hungry travelers on the path to fuller understanding. Jeremy’s work came to be known as Group Projective Dreamwork, but he emphasized that it was consciously projective dreamwork. This means that as I speak about the symbols in someone else’s dream, anything I say will reveal what’s true for me. What seems like a silly convention at first becomes a profound exercise in vulnerability, which inevitably builds compassion and community. Learn more about the Language of Metaphor.

By using the first person to respond to others’ dreams, I take authority for what the symbol means to me. I don’t tell you what it means to you, but because we humans are so alike, some of the associations I have with a symbol are likely to resonate with the original dreamer. In a group, anyone who has imagined the dream for themselves may also have “aha’s” of recognition. Some dreamers are more comfortable sharing a dream one-to-one, and this work also opens doors to healing.

Learn the immense value of using
Jeremy Taylor’s toolkit
for exploring dreams.

I learned what I know from every dreamer I’ve ever worked dreams with, most especially Jeremy Taylor, D.Min. and Billie Ortiz who co-hosted retreats twice a year from 2003-2015. Then Jeremy had to cut back on his travel, and he passed in January of 2018, two days after the death of his beloved wife, Kathryn. He still shows up in the dreams of those who loved him, and is dearly missed. Billie continues to offer retreats, showing up for dream and dreamer alike. I’m blessed to be part of her dream family.

Jeremy Taylor developed a 6-point Tool Kit for working with dreams, and encouraged people to share it with attribution to him. I use his six tools in all the dream reading I do.