A window's wooden shutter is open

 By Karen Perrell Campbell


Shadowed windows open
Am I the guide or the guided
Learning which path to take
Opening the door to understanding?

Am I the guide or the guided
Listening to the innocent
Opening the door to understanding
Parting the curtains to the distant mist?

Listening to the innocent
The lessons from the unexpected
Parting the curtains to the distant mist
Shadowed windows open.


Karen Perrell Campbell, founder of Seeds for Change Consultations LLC shares her passion for using creativity, dream work and contemplation as a spiritual practice is a variety of ways.  She is a Certified Spiritual Director, Holistic Life Coach and retreat leader as well as a trained SoulCollageR facilitator.  Karen is on staff at the Haden Institute’s Spiritual Direction  Certification program and works with the Center for Faith & the Arts in Salisbury, NC. Find her at https://creativesoulcraft.com/


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