Painting of Iris blossom

Reflections on a Photo of a White Iris

By Johanne LaRocque


Feathery… Floating…Fluttering
Angel wings encasing, protecting
not quite closing over
Gaping… Yawning…Mouth
Spilling precious sacred secrets
Into the night from deep inside

Reflecting roots grounded
in earths of generations past

Strengthened and nurtured
By timeless gardeners’ love affairs
With ancestor flowers
To bring this one here, now
To joy’s full bloom
Showcased in mature beauty
Framed in darkness
Captured in Ghost Light
Before it and the image
Begin to fade.

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1 thought on “Reflections on a Photo of a White Iris”

  1. Very nice. How come I didn’t find your site years ago? What a sweet little gift here.

    The creative imperative of life is poetic.

    Be well!

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