Mom waving from atop Longs PeakBy Nancy Powell


Here beneath this towering tree
Atop this granite rock
Lazy lying on this bed of straw
My mother calls to me

Come, come with longing
Blow across my valley
Scramble like a goat
Up to my highest peak

Sit as the silent breeze
Stirs across your face
Smell the dusky fire
Of my winnowing

Daughters, we will go together
Travelling the path as one
United, yet utterly independent
And  finally,  alone

My mother calls me to herself
Over and over
I dare not fail to heed
Her calling



Nancy Powell is a singer, dream worker, and poet in her creative life.  She uses her art to connect to spirit, share common experiences with others and capture inner wisdom.  She loves to be part of and work with groups of women where each member provides invaluable support to others for life’s journey to healing and wellness.



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4 thoughts on “My Mother Calls to Me”

  1. Nancy, this is so moving. I read your poem and I think of many mothers. Mother Earth first, and the Goddess, and my own mother, pictured on top of Longs Peak in the photo. Her name was also Nancy. I remember many times lying on the Boulderfield on Longs, between the arms of Mount Lady Washington and Storm Peak, and feeling as though I were in the lap of the Goddess, safe and protected. The last time I was there I scattered some of my mom’s ashes in a little brook that ran across the tundra, and felt so strongly that she was with me too. Your poem brings back that day very clearly to me. I love your imagery. This line especially speaks to me: “Come, come with longing/ Blow across my valley”. I’m tearing up as I type this. Thank you so much for sharing your words.

  2. I had some fun synchronicity around this post. After this post was up, I worked with a woman’s dream this morning that involved her mother calling her from the mountains, telling her to come up to the mountains to meet her.

  3. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your poignant mother and mountain memories. I am honored to share this space with this glorious picture of your mother. I love the synchronicity and feel the mounting good mountain mother energy!

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