Mary Oliver reading three poems

Mary Oliver reads ‘Tom Dance’s Gift of a White Bark Pinecone,’ ‘Wild Geese,’ and ‘Peonies.’

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To sin by silence, when we should protest, Makes cowards out of men. The human race Has climbed on protest. Had no voice been raised

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By Kim Hansen  Oh blistered gem of delicate weight, ruby red and alive. Oh mandala of bumps, perfectly replicating your patterns right into my soul mouth.

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1 thought on “Mary Oliver reading three poems”

  1. I was not familiar with “Peonies” and was so happy to hear Mary read it this morning. Her poetry is like balm, but a working balm, too. Real and fierce and kind.
    I also watched an anatomy lesson on the shoulder joint previously, and it seems to me like these two parts of my life: poetry like Mary’s and lessons about the inner animal share a common thread.
    We are born of the conditions of our earthly environment, and we can meet our lives with information, story, dreams, movement, and metaphor.

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