By Karen Deal Robinson

In midsummer, vines fill my window,
And the sun hides high above the eaves,
And can’t find the crystal I’ve hung for it.
In the long bright days of summer,
My window is cool, and green, and dark.

In midwinter, vines are bare,
And the sun peeks low beneath the eaves;
Only then can it find the crystal.
In the short, dark days of winter,
Rainbows dance in my room like stars.

So, I pray, in my darkest days,
Send Your light to shine through my spirit
And let rainbows dance in my heart.


Karen Deal Robinson is a mathematics teacher, novelist, poet, and musician, with interests ranging from sundials and labyrinths to prayer beads and board games. You can find out more at her website, and you can find her novels here.

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3 thoughts on “Light and Dark”

  1. I’d forgotten all about this old poem. It’s not really much of a poem, more of a very short essay chopped into lines, but I still like the image. And I love the way the rainbows fill my bedroom on those winter days. They get into my husband’s beard and make him look like a sky god 😀

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