Meyer's Lemon

By Johanne LaRocque

Started it all
I went to Google
For a curious look
And found
over 100 ways
To use this fruit.
I didn’t have time for that!
So I backed up a slice
Right down the middle
And started with half
I discovered
One teaspoon of juice
And a tablespoon of rind
Does not leave much
But the meat behind
An interesting combo
Apples and lemons
Forming muffins
I wasn’t quite sure till
The under 25 throng
Walked through the door
And alas on the plate
There were no more!
So I took what was left
Of my sad looking fruit
Lots of juice
And only some rind
I turned those into
lemon Madelines!
But wait!  I wasn’t quite done
I squeezed a bit more
And one last lonely drop
Came dribbling out
Hitting the curve of my spoon
With a plop!

With a giddy tip of that spoon
I slipped straight
into a frothy pantoum

Adding a peach is desirable
To offset the puckering lemon
Push the button marked high
And dance to the beat of the blender

To offset the puckering lemon
Fold in the freshly whipped cream
And dance to the beat of the blender
…don’t mind the noise

just fold in that freshly whipped cream
to soften the ice as it crushes
don’t mind the noise
the magic comes from what’s next!

To soften the ice as it crushes
It’s up to your wizard discretion!
The magic comes from what’s next
The secret’s in the age of the rum

It’s up to your wizard’s discretion
Push the button marked high
The secret’s in the age of the rum..oh my!
And adding a peach is desirable!

It started with just one lemon!


Jo LaRocque has been a writer/photographer who after living in the SF Bay Area for over 25 years, now makes Monterey County her home.  She is also an MIPD certified dream worker,  involved in the No. California dream community.


Note from Laura–Jo wrote the pantoum part of this poem in my poetry workshop at the 2013 Waking the Dreamer Within Festival. Clever chef that she is, she folded it nicely into a prompt from another class, which focused on a lemon. Utterly delicious!

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