Today I’m pleased to offer another collection of haiku by Jaelynne Tolman, dedicated to Kim, who has taught me a lot about moving while at rest.


I accomplish much
during my time of repose,
moving while at rest

invisible miracle,
inner revival

I center myself
where contradictions embrace,
the point of wholeness

I see within me
the marriage of opposites,
lifetime achievement

My new self-knowledge
redefines my existence–
and not only mine

We become more whole
when our boundaries are blurred
by those who touch us


Jaelynne Tolman learned to adore metaphor and symbolism years ago as a graduate student and teacher of literature.  A lover of words and meaning, she is fluent in both Spanish and Italian and knows a smattering of several other European languages.  In the early 2000s, she became actively involved in several on-line dream forums, eventually certifying as a dream mentor through the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork (MIPD).   A retired federal employee, she now enjoys writing poetry, practicing yoga, interpreting dreams, and raising an artistically gifted daughter.

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1 thought on “Haiku collection 2”

  1. Oh boy. This is a gem that resonates strongly with me, Jaelynne. “Where contradictions embrace,” “the marriage of opposites,” the places where our boundaries are blurred or changed by our rubbing up against others and our world…these are not easy things to put into words, but you did, and I thank you for it.

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