By Laura K. Deal

I walk with heavy stride, carrying earthquakes
In every step, my current incarnation
Formed with grandiose attempts to harmonize humanity.
Before me, the unconscious, an oceanfront expanse,
My old beliefs behind me in a marvelous heap.
At times the pot at the end of the rainbow is psychedelic,
And I wear the garb of roaming artisan
Peddling my wares to dozens of gravestones,
The occupants responding with visceral growls.
And I still harbor ridiculous train-building fantasies,
Praying that my intentional splash will be hallowed.


This poem is from one of my recent writing circles, where we pulled words and phrases from a word “pool,” and had to use them at the ends of the lines of a poem. The goal is to have fun and come up with unexpected imagery. I borrowed the idea of the word pool from Susan Wooldrige’s Poem Crazy.


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2 thoughts on “Earthquakes”

  1. It’s great to read this again. What a fun group that was, and look at the brilliance that resulted!

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