By Laura K. Deal

(For Billie Ortiz)

After the dark dream
when the image lingers like an answer
whose question is forgotten
in the stark light of day
the dreamer needs her sisters
those who can speak of blood
and the fragile wings
of hope in one breath,
those who know
a woman’s secrets.

After the wild dream
of running naked in
the street, the classroom, and the office,
the cloak of the dreamer
is the only clothing that suits,
the fabric of projection
bunching and smoothing
the wrinkled edges of awareness.

After the terrifying dream
of storms and floods
and drowning
the dreamer needs her clan
a family birthed from dreams
nurtured by the dream mother
who holds us in her awareness
and gentles our fevered fears.

After the glorious dreams
of celebration, of awareness expanded,
the dreamer wants only
to sit with those who understand,
whose hearts are open
whose blood-lines matter less
than their dream-lines,
who find their family
where dreams gather together
and speak.


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6 thoughts on “Dream Mother”

  1. This really is powerful. We do need people who understand, on a deep level. I’m reminded a bit of a poem I ran across recently, by Stanley Kunitz, that included the line, “I have made myself a tribe out of my true affections.”

  2. I’m so honored to have been gifted with a “Laura Deal original!” You really captured the essence of the Grief and Praise of being in the role of the “Dream Mother” so thank you for acknowledging the subtle nuances involved with having others trust you with their dreams, as I know you understand so well from being in the role many times yourself 😉 The language and imagery of the poem is truly exquisite and I’m so pleased to have you as part of the “Dream Family”
    Peace and Honey in the Heart, Billie

    1. Thank you, Billie, for creating such a vibrant dream family! It’s wonderful to go to dream camp and feel so at home. 🙂

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