3-year-old reciting Litany

I get in the mood to watch this video by drchelpka from time to time–I love everything about it, especially that there are parents reading poetry to their children out there in the world! He’s reciting “Litany,” by Billy Collins.

Favorite lines:

“It might interest you to know,
“speaking of the plentiful imagery of the world,
“that I am the sound of rain on the roof.”

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5 thoughts on “3-year-old reciting Litany”

  1. I have the same sentiment…so happy to know there are still children being introduced to poetry. My favorite line is something like , “There is no way that you are the dew-scented grass.” Metaphors on steroids in this poem. I also love how this boy can evoke these phrases from his memory while simultaneously attending to his play. A multi-tasking master.

    1. It seems to me in general we have lower expectations of children’s abilities than we should. I applaud his parents for reading “adult” poetry to him and awakening his sense of language and rhythm.

  2. Wow, lovely for poetry month to come and visit this charming child. What I love as an over busy Mom is the background of an active household, with paintings on the wall, prominent dinner table, and child mess…..a wonderful creative pot for any child to grow in, and growing he is. I have to find this poem now.

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