Shoes, Socks, and Bare Feet in Dreams

One of the associations that always rings a bell for me when footwear or bare feet appear in my dreams is that this is about my spiritual path. Shoes, in this case, would be the accepted, possibly inherited religious/spiritual beliefs I hold, or those I was raised with. Socks would be an intermediate phase, a kind of transition, and bare feet would be walking my own authentic spiritual path.
These aren’t the only associations, however. I’ve had dreams of losing one of my shoes—in particular a clog-style shoe, which brings up the idea that whatever has been clogging up my journey is on its way out. I have a friend who dreamed frequently about buying fancy shoes in various colors with various decorations on them, and when we dug into her associations with shoes like that, it turned out they were the kind her sister usually wore and the dreams were showing her places where she wanted to emulate her sister’s successful lifestyle, even though she didn’t consciously respect that lifestyle.
Bare feet can also be a sign of a more natural approach to living in the world and being “grounded” by walking with skin touching earth. If I’m barefoot in a restaurant, though, it might be a sign of disregarding regulations and rules imposed by establishments. And, of course, if I had a “barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen” dream, I’d want to look at how extensively my idea of my self-worth and role in life was formed by outdated sexist attitudes about a woman’s place in the world. And if I dream of walking in someone else’s shoes, it might be a sign of my growing compassion.

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6 thoughts on “Shoes, Socks, and Bare Feet in Dreams”

  1. I used to dream of my black, patent leather high-healed shoes, with their cute little black bows on top. I used to wear these when I would dress up and go to the Kingdom Hall. I get what you are saying about the connection between spiritual path and shoes, and totally agree. My patent leather shiny shoes with the bows, I think showed the “outer” importance of everything looking “good” that I preferred then. I loved life to be ordered and tidy – no mess! Everything packaged with a pretty bow on top! They also had very pointed toes…Any ideas on that? Maybe an unconscious thing about having to know all the answers? I would appreciate some of your ideas.

    I’ve come a long way, and no longer dream of those shoes. I more often now, dream of being bare foot and love that sole/soul connection!

    Thanks for your beautiful article!

    1. When I imagine pointed toes I imagine that I (or the dream) want to make a point! Also the shoes would “point” in a certain direction, rather than being rounded and so more vague about the direction.

  2. I don’t ever remember dreaming about shoes or socks, with one exception. It not long before Mom died, and I dreamed I was with her in Estes Park, helping her pick out a pair of opanki at a sidewalk sale. Then we crossed the street, and I was worried about her walking in the street when she was so feeble. I suppose it had to do with wishing she could still folk dance.

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