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As a symbol, the lighthouse has a lot of power. It serves as a beacon for ships at sea, showing the edge of the land. If the sea is a symbol for the vast unconscious, the lighthouse serves to mark the boundary of conscious thought. For me, this is a symbol with deeply personal meaning, as I associate it with the shining of unconditional love of family–in that my sister is fond of lighthouses and my mom grew up near the sea. So I associate lighthouses with the two women who watched over me growing up and have always accepted me. A lighthouse also appeared for me in an hypnotic state when I was guided to discover my own potential. I had to bring light from a star and put it in a lighthouse for all to see. I interpreted the image as essentially saying I shouldn’t hide my light under a bushel. Let’s all reclaim our light and let it shine in the world, so that those sailing in the waters of the unconscious can find their way to shore.

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4 thoughts on “Lighthouse”

  1. Karen Deal Robinson

    What a great opening for your church, Laura! Here’s the lighthouse I particularly associate with Mom:

    The solar-powered lighthouse model you gave me is still flashing away faithfully in the backyard every night, summer and winter, making me so happy every time I see it.

    Blessings on your new endeavor, my dear, and may your light beam brightly!

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