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Boat as metaphor

Last weekend I had the pleasure of sitting with a circle of dreamers at Caritas Spiritist Center. It was another chance to sit with Jeremy

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The Consort

When I was a child, my mom told me that before I was born, she’d hoped I’d be twins, because she wanted to have another

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Cave as Metaphor

When I imagine caves for myself, they don’t usually astonish me with color, like the formations in John’s photo do. Rather they are dark and

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Trees as a symbol

Talking about trees as a symbol is like talking about birds, in that there are some archetypal associations that every tree shares–The Tree of Life,

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Birds as a symbol

I realize that trying to write about birds as a symbol is like trying to write about any large classification; the difference between dreaming of

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Whale as a symbol

On Monday, I featured Brenda Ferrimani‘s painting of her dream “Whale Speaks.” Whales, as the largest mammal, and also very intelligent mammals, are complicated dream

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Baby as a symbol

As the new year begins, it seems fitting to write about “baby” as a dream symbol, since one of its symbolic meanings is the new

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Separated by glass
Dream Symbols

Windows and Glass

Windows show up regularly in the dreams I have and those I hear from others. Usually the reference is to looking through a window and

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