Today I offer six haiku by Jaelynne Tolman. These weren’t written to be grouped together, but I like how they relate to one another.

I see what I see
but understand what I see
is through a keyhole

Each and every day
I clean my dusty mirror
in meditation

My projecting eyes
reflect back upon myself
when I describe you

The way I look out
at what happens in my world
reflects back on me

I turn suffering
into my greatest asset,
a divine mirror

The ineffable
flowers not in the language
but in the symbol.


Jaelynne Tolman learned to adore metaphor and symbolism years ago as a graduate student and teacher of literature.  A lover of words and meaning, she is fluent in both Spanish and Italian and knows a smattering of several other European languages.  In the early 2000s, she became actively involved in several on-line dream forums, eventually certifying as a dream mentor through the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork (MIPD).   A retired federal employee, she now enjoys writing poetry, practicing yoga, interpreting dreams, and raising an artistically gifted daughter.





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